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Modual 189 Hypermotard solder point location please ??

I have managed to replace lost keys on all hypermotard Ducati up until now! I have the modual 189 on TMPro, also here is a 2016 model with abs.. the solder points are not at the same location in the clocks/dash as before.. On the older models.  I have already cut in the correct area and seen the 5 points are missing. Please advise as to where the new solder points are. I have pictures I can send. Kindest regards 

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Re: Modual 189 Hypermotard solder point location please ??

  Hello,module 189 there are no solder points.You have to open dash for to read/write eeprom.

Dashboard looks 100% same as module 177,but there are no solder points.